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You will find a calm and thoughtful therapist - that takes her time for your one-on-one appointment.


The Bowen-Technique is used for your body treatment. It takes effect by precise applikation of signals to the body, and convinces with its gentle and painless usage.



Bowtech - the original bowen technique

intends to balance what needs to be balanced.

The Bowen-Technique is a gentle, dynamic hands-on body technique.


Thomas Bowen developed the technique from the 1950's in Australia. Tom believed that disturbances of the body derive directly from disturbances of the body tissue. He looked at people in their individual shapes and conditions and intuitively thought up a way to reduce pain and discomfort within their bodies.


He developed a hands-on technique that initiates the self-healing process of the body by stimulating the fascial system, which draws through the whole body, from the tip of the toes to the roots of the hair.

The technique works for the muskuloskeleton system when it comes to acute and chronical pain, restiriction and range of motion, and also for internal organs.


The technique adresses your whole body with it's subtle precise inputs. It is a holistically effective body therapy.

The practitioner's inputs at specific areas give signals to muscles, tendons, ligaments, or nerves, and the body responds in its time, within its capacity.

The movements of the therapist's hands come in a special sequence chosen to fit your problem. 

In between specific moves there is going to be a 2 minute brake. This brake is part of the treatment and enables the body to process the incoming signal right away.


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I do work with people of all ages. Against your problems with pain and restriction or pain from systemic diseases.


I apply the technique directly on your skin. It though can be applicated on a thin layer of clothing, if you prefer to do so.


A first session takes 60 - 75 min - including the conversation about the case history and the first treatment.

A following session is about 30 - 60 min, depending on the situation.







A first appointment                                                    125€

the following two appointments each at                 90€


further appoinments at an individual price   90€ - 75€